Friday, August 18, 2006


SP Update:

I didn't end up going to work today as I wasn't sure if I would be needing to pick up SP from the hospital, he saw the specialist today who confirmed that is has ruptured his achilles tendon, it is totally separated so he needs surgery. We thought he might have it tonight but they were behind with there procedures and so he will be having surgery between 10am and 12pm tomorrow (Sat). I spent 4 hours at the hospital this afternoon and a couple of hours this morning, he has to spend another night in the hospital tonight as he needs to be ready to go in for surgery in the morning. He had his lesson for walking on cruches today - he passed with flying colours ;) It is very unfortunate that we have 3 flights of stairs up to our unit ;(

Despite panicking and wondering about the next few months without SP being mobile, with moving house and taking care of him, etc God is really good. I am sure this is going to teach me heaps about what it means to be a godly wife who cares for her husband, as hard as it could be I am excited to be able to do this for SP. Putting him first, serving him and loving him. I know this will be challenging as I can be so self-centered and life can often be about me, me, me, me, me! Pray for me that I might put his needs before my own and that I might be able to love him in the ways he needs me to over the next few months.

God has also shown me how much I miss the 'little' things that Scott does, like parking the car in our extremely small garage (I did it for the first time last night, 3 attempts later), the helping with the groceries and the things we can so easily take for granted. I am thankful for this refreshing acknowledgement and thankfulness for all the great things my husband does for us.

Please pray for him tonight and tomorrow as he goes for surgery and please pray for a quick recovery.

Thanks so much for all your prayers and messages - you guys rock ;)


Blogger Ruth said...

I hope you both have a restful nights sleep. Three flights of stairs??? Will be praying tomorrow.

Fri Aug 18, 08:49:00 PM  
Anonymous Mommy said...

Thinking about you both and wish I could be there for you, although I know that you have a good family and many good friends who will be helping and praying with you.

Chicken soup is the way to a man's heart when he is not feeling well, it is over here anyway, so stock up girl ;)

Sat Aug 19, 01:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Mom said...

PS Love you both loads

xx xx xx

Sat Aug 19, 01:11:00 AM  
Blogger Nixter said...

Thanks Mum ;) Love you too.

Sat Aug 19, 08:08:00 AM  
Blogger hicko said...

Nixter, hope SP is on the mend. Sounds like a shocking injury and my prayers are with you both. Give him my regards, he's a top class guy as far as I'm concerned.

Sat Aug 19, 10:38:00 AM  
Blogger Nixter said...

I will let him know Ray - thanks for the prayers ;)

Sat Aug 19, 01:25:00 PM  
Blogger sophg said...

praying for you both nix... just think, so many excuses to eat ice cream and stay in on the weekends!

Sat Aug 19, 02:12:00 PM  
Blogger Nixter said...

LOL Sophg, good thinking ;) thanks for prayers

Sat Aug 19, 02:49:00 PM  

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