Tuesday, September 12, 2006

bits 'n' bobs

We spent this weekend in Canberra with Scott's parents, we ate lots and watched lots of Aussie Rules Football, looks like the team we go for - the Sydney Swans might get into the final in Melbourne. If so looks like we will be taking a road trip to watch it.

Where on earth has the Spring gone that I was talking about this time last week, since Friday it has been raining constantly and super super windy. Please come back Spring.

I have a dental appointment today - nothing painful but I still don't like going, it is soooooooo expensive.

SP turns 30 next month and I need to organise his get together, it is nothing major but I still need to get my rear into gear.

3 more weeks until SP gets his cast off and doesn't have to use crutches - I can't wait. I am glad that God has taught us heaps through this experience, even though it has been really hard at times. Surely marriage will be a whole lot easier afterwards?

4 weeks on Saturday we move into our new place - WOO HOOT! I am very excited and it is finally starting to feel more real now. Thankfully SP will be out of his cast but he will have to be really careful so not sure in what ways he can help with the move. Please pray that he won't injure his achilles again after he gets out of the cast, we have heard some horror stories of people re-rupturing their achilles and having to have surgery and be in a cast AGAIN. This = not good, esp as we fly to England in December. We might have to wrap it in bubble wrap, do you think that will help?

My cheeky little sister started school last week, she is the cheekiest of all cheekies that I know, I pray school will help calm her down a little. Along with her cheekiness is a real sense of humour for such a little girl, she can be very funny. I pray for both my little sisters that they might come and grow to know the Lord Jesus.

Really missing home at the moment (England home), I am so looking forward to going back at Christmas to see friends and family. At least I only have 94 days until we go home. Can't wait to see my friends and family and to experience that 'familiar' feeling I have when I am there. It's going to be great ....


Blogger Ruth said...

94 days?? That seems like a long time away to me.

I will pray that the time travels quickly for you - that you may be back in England soon....although - WE WILL MISS YOU !!!

Tue Sep 12, 06:41:00 PM  
Blogger Nixter said...

Yeah it is a long time, but I have little things in between to look forward too. SP getting out of his cast, moving in 4 weeks, SP's birthday - so hopefully that will help the time fly by..


Wed Sep 13, 09:06:00 AM  

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