Monday, October 09, 2006

we are priests for God

Last night at church SamR preached an amazing sermon on 1 Peter 2:4-10, you can listen to it here. He did an amazing job of unpacking this passage and encouraging us.

SamR spoke about how God is building a spiritual house, how in the OT God dwelled in the temple/tabernacle and the priest would be the only one who could go to offer sacrifices and praises to God.

But now there is a new way to come to God, it is no longer about temples or tabernacles, we actually become part of the building/temple - we are stones in the building – ‘living stones’. As we come to Christ we are all priests for God, Jesus is the ONLY way.

As a building takes it’s direction from the laying down of the cornerstone so too are we to take our direction from Christ who is our cornerstone..

God made Jesus this precious stone and it matters how we respond to him.

We are to do as the priests in the OT did , praise God for what he has done for us as it is truly an amazing thing that God has done by sending his son so that we might live, a true act of mercy.

We are a royal, holy chosen people - we are a priest for God, he calls us to live in his service.

We are a people not because of the church we go to or where we live or where we come from but because God has had mercy on us, he has set us aside for his purpose.

Do we allow Jesus to shape and direct ALL our decisions?

This is just a taster of what SamR had to say but I would encourage you to listen to the sermon as it was certainly a treat and encouragement to hear this message last night.


Blogger SamR said...

Nixter it is so encouraging to read this post. After preaching lots people say 'well done, you spoke well' - which is nice, but far better is when they tell you what they learnt from the word of God. I'm glad God unpacked this amazing part of his word for you!

Mon Oct 09, 11:27:00 AM  

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