Friday, January 06, 2006

Long Time No Write

I know I know - its been such a long time since I last made an entry on my blog.. I am pretty rubbish. Its just been busy busy busy. So what has happened since my last blog........ Hmmm. Well, we had our mission which was both totally awesome and tiring at the same time. We had over 100 guests along to a number of the different events we had on, its very exciting and we hope to see some of them at the Introducing God course we will be running in February. We have had Christmas - which was spent in Newcastle followed by New Year which was also spent in Newcastle.. We had a lovely time though I am still finding hot Christmas' wierd.. With a New Year comes a new reading through the bible plan, Scott has written out a plan for the year which we will do and then discuss any things that we are struggling with or things which truly strike us - we need prayers that we might be faithful to do this each day. Wedding plans are back on track now, with everything being so busy Scott and I decided to lay off the planning but have recently resumed planning and thinking about the day. Some of my family have booked and are coming out for a few weeks before the wedding - I can't wait to show them around Sydney they are going to love it... Anyhoo, its not much but at least I have made a little entry, will try and write more soon.